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Netscape Messenger 4.7

Netscape Messenger 4.7

Character Set & Font Selection: For Character Set and Font selection, see the Netscape Browser information. Netscape

Email Formatting: To format a Messenger email to send Unicode, it is necessary to use the Messenger's HTML setting. First, first click the mouse on Edit and select Preferences....

Second, if necessary, click the mouse on the (+) Mail & Newsgroups to expand the sub-choices and then select Formatting. Mark the Message formatting to Use the HTML editor to compose messages. For some email servers, it may be necessary to select "Send the message in HTML anyway" so that the message does not appear in both HTML and plain text too.

Email HTML Formatting: First, click the mouse on Tools and select HTML Tools. Then click the mouse on Edit HTML Source... This will bring up a window with HTML code that can be edited.

HTML Email: After Netscape's Messenger is set to the above default settings. The software is able to send email messages in different languages that are encoded in Unicode.

After Netscape Messenger has Unicode encoding and a Unicode compatible font, Arabic, English, Greek, and Hebrew fonts should display in Netscape's email properly.

Of course, when your email is completely in the English language, no changes to the coding are necessary.

If there are difficulties with these browser and email configurations suggestions, please let me know. I have not been able to do many tests.

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