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ndex of Elements - Html

Index of Elements

Legend: Optional, Forbidden, Empty, Deprecated, Loose DTD, Frameset DTD

Name Start Tag End Tag Empty Depr. DTD Description
A anchor
ABBR abbreviated form (e.g., WWW, HTTP, etc.)
ADDRESS information on author
APPLET D L Java applet
AREA F E client-side image map area
B bold text style
BASE F E document base URI
BASEFONT F E D L base font size
BDO I18N BiDi over-ride
BIG large text style
BLOCKQUOTE long quotation
BODY O O document body
BR F E forced line break
BUTTON push button
CAPTION table caption
CENTER D L shorthand for DIV align=center
CITE citation
CODE computer code fragment
COL F E table column
COLGROUP O table column group
DD O definition description
DEL deleted text
DFN instance definition
DIR D L directory list
DIV generic language/style container
DL definition list
DT O definition term
EM emphasis
FIELDSET form control group
FONT D L local change to font
FORM interactive form
FRAME F E F subwindow
FRAMESET F window subdivision
H1 heading
H2 heading
H3 heading
H4 heading
H5 heading
H6 heading
HEAD O O document head
HR F E horizontal rule
HTML O O document root element
I italic text style
IFRAME L inline subwindow
IMG F E Embedded image
INPUT F E form control
INS inserted text
ISINDEX F E D L single line prompt
KBD text to be entered by the user
LABEL form field label text
LEGEND fieldset legend
LI O list item
LINK F E a media-independent link
MAP client-side image map
MENU D L menu list
META F E generic metainformation
NOFRAMES F alternate content container for non frame-based rendering
NOSCRIPT alternate content container for non script-based rendering
OBJECT generic embedded object
OL ordered list
OPTGROUP option group
OPTION O selectable choice
P O paragraph
PARAM F E named property value
PRE preformatted text
Q short inline quotation
S D L strike-through text style
SAMP sample program output, scripts, etc.
SCRIPT script statements
SELECT option selector
SMALL small text style
SPAN generic language/style container
STRIKE D L strike-through text
STRONG strong emphasis
STYLE style info
SUB subscript
SUP superscript
TBODY O O table body
TD O table data cell
TEXTAREA multi-line text field
TFOOT O table footer
TH O table header cell
THEAD O table header
TITLE document title
TR O table row
TT teletype or monospaced text style
U D L underlined text style
UL unordered list
VAR instance of a variable or program argument

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